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      1. 2 parallel necks, with Pertinax strengthens
      2. central covering
      3. integrated Sound key


Double Neck Harp

To counter distortion of the harp I have developed a new design for the Double Neck Harp.
The principal innovation of this harp consists of separating or dividing the neck. Strings
under tension have been placed centrally between the separated necks.To prevent the
curving of pillars and neck, I have strengthened the neck with Perlinax, a compound of
resin with hemp or laminate.

The advantage over the traditional design:

- no distortion or warping of the pillars and neck
- higher stability for the whole harp
- brilliant tones
- strong treble tones in the upper range
- generally a very evenly balanced sound

The reason for the Double Neck Harp can be played from both sides (i.e. also for left
handed students).
The patent law independently covers on principal the new version of the double neck.

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