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Otto Zangerle

Harp Builder

As the son of a Master Carpenter, I was in contact with the element of
wood from a very early age. Despite this, I learnt the trade of a toolmaker,
but I never gave up my love for the natural element of wood. The same
can be said for my enthusiasm for music and especially for the harp.

After occasionally repairing harps and also doing some wood carving,
I finally decided in 1989 to start building harps, putting all my energy
and creativity into this endeavor.

As a self-taught harp builder, my profession means more to me than just
building classical harps. It means continuing my efforts to build traditional
instruments and the search for new and innovative ways to solve problems
which harpists encounter every day.

I closely follow the needs of the harpist and such important details
as weight and height of the harp, where the harpist places the necessary
sheet music, and the problem with warping or curving of the instruments.

I have found solutions to all of these questions.

Otto Zangerle

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