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Model "Zahme Kaiserin"

tyroler construction/design

Theses models are traditional folks and lyrical harps
or a single pedal harp. The harp is a equipped with a
mechanical discs.
For the standard harp one can choose different types
of pillars, colours and small wood carvings.

Technical details:
- 7 wooden pedals
- 37 to 38 strings (C to contra B or As)
- an exceptional powerful tone/clang
- Size up to 155 cm
  (can be played by children and adults)
- Weight 13 kg

Pillar or column choices:
Tyrol Pillars
2 Cone-shaped pillars
3 Plain/simple pillars
4 Concert harp pillars

Types of wood:               
- Cherry
- Spruce/Fir
- Ash
- Beech

- foldaway pedal in brass or brass with wood
- integrated tuning key


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