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Model "Chromatic Harp"

This models you can have in different versions. Each of these harp are
a special harp/model/design on order for your individual wishes.

The "chromatic Harp" has no pedals and no mechanic.
She has two Row crossed Strings.

The chromatic harp is build after the "Christoph Pampuch"-System.
(6:6 whole-tone-row arrangement of the strings)

Technical details:
- 70 strings (contra E to C’’’’ 4. Octave)
- Size up to 170 cm
- Weight according to model 16 kg

Pillar or column choices:
Tyrol Pillars
2 Cone-shaped pillars
3 Plain/simple pillars
4 Concert harp pillars

Typ of wood:
- Cherry
- Spruce/Fir
- Ash
- Beech

- integrated tuning key


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