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Model "Bergkoenigin"

Folk- and Jazz-Harp

The pedal-harp-concept and the design was developed in cooperation
with UTE Meck.

Each of these harp are a special harp/model/design on order for your individual wishes.

The arrangement of the "Bergkoenigin" has two versions of pedals.

You can choose between two variants:
1) Conventional arrangement of pedals to play in sitting (use two feets)
2) Pedal arrangement for standing - Use only one foot for one, two or three pedals at the same time.

Technical details:
- 36 - 40 strings (contra F to Es)
- high of pillar 160 - 165 cm
- Weight 16 - 17 kg
- mechanical turntable
- single-pedal-harp

- Irish Pillar-Design

Types of wood:
- Cherry
- Spruce/Fir
- Ash
- Beech

- integrated tuning key
- Patent protected Double Neck Harp

 BergkoeniginBergkönigin 2

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